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Courtesy of Dianne Bamford

Private Cyril Egbert Judd +

Pakenham State School Roll of Honour

Born: 29 June 1879 - Alma, South Australia

Enlisted: 30 July 1915 aged 36

Unit: 20th Castlemaine Depot Battalion (SERN: N/A)

Served: Australia 

Died whilst on active duty:  25 September 1915 -  Castlemaine, Victoria 


Listed on the Pakenham State School Roll of Honour is the name of “Judd C”, marked with a small cross (+) denoting that this former scholar made the “supreme sacrifice” during WWI. This is likely to be Cyril Egbert Judd, since he is the only “C. Judd” known to have died whilst serving with the AIF.  Also known as “Bert”, Cyril was the third son of William Judd and Esther Evans. He was born in Alma South Australia. Bert’s connection with Pakenham, and when he might have attended the State School, has not yet been established, although it is is known that his father was the Church of Christ minister at Berwick in 1889 (1), when Bert was ten years old. This was prior to the family settling in the Cheltenham / Mentone district, where Cyril’s grandparents had been pioneers and Cyril’s father had a dairy (2). One of Bert’s sisters, Inez Emmeline Judd also later lived in Pakenham Upper from c. 1909 to 1913 (3). An uncle, Robert Judd lived in Warragul, and may have previously lived in Pakenham too (4).  

Bert grew up with a very strong Christian faith and with his family was actively involved in the Cheltenham Church of Christ and local temperance and anti-gambling movements (5). He also played in a brass band known as the “Band of Hope” (6). Bert was a 36 years old sawyer when he enlisted for service on 30 July 1915. He was posted to  the 20th Training Battalion at Castlemaine Army Camp from 13 August, where it was said he was “making good progress, thoroughly able to carry out the somewhat excessive tasks allotted to young soldiers” (7). However, on 20 August, Bert fell ill with meningitis, which was raging through the army camps. He was sent to hospital, but his condition deteriorated rapidly. Bert died on 25 September 1915 from what was described as “epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis”, and heart failure (8). He was buried in the Cheltenham Cemetery. 


The assistance of Dianne Bamford is gratefully acknowledged. 



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