The Book

A limited edition of 250 copies of the book "A Century After the Guns Fell Silent" by Patrick Ferry has been produced courtesy of a Centenary of the Armistice Grant from the Department of Veterans' Affairs. 

These copies are being distributed free of charge to the family members of the original Diggers, other contributors, local libraries, schools and members of the Berwick - Pakenham Historical Society. 

In order to make the content available to a wider audience, the book is also available as a free PDF download.  

Limited Edition Hardcopy
Downloadable PDF Softcopy 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this book. However, it is impossible to produce a publication of this type without some inadvertent errors and omissions. Neither the author nor the Berwick - Pakenham Historical Society can accept responsibility for any such errors and omissions. Corrections and additional information will be made in the online versions of the book.  


The publication of the book was made possible through grant funding from the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs under the Commonwealth Government’s Saluting their Service Commemorations Program. The Commonwealth has not participated in the research, production or exercised control over the activity or its contents. The views expressed and conclusions reached herein do not necessarily represent those of the Commonwealth, which expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content or accuracy of the activity.           

Unless otherwise indicated, the images used in this book are from the Berwick - Pakenham Historical Society’s collection. Images from the Australian War Memorial and State Library of Victoria collections are in the public domain. Images from the National Archives of Australia collection are used with permission. Images sourced from the National Archives of Scotland, Museums Victoria and Art UK have been reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0). See: